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This page lists some articles and other writings by JRTwine Software that are available for viewing.

    Why is Software so Damn Slow?  (or, the fall of Software Development, or Lazy Developers, or...)

    JRTwine Software's techniques for preventing buffer overruns (to avoid stack-overrun types of attacks)

    JRTwine Software's list of common (and often bad) MFC No-Nos

    The importance of a coding standard and the benefits of adhering to it


 Note that the articles may be incomplete as some of them are still being developed.


All of the code, controls and articles available from this site are available free of charge, with code subject to the few restrictions listed in the FSCL.  However, if you find any of the code, articles, or controls helpful and would like to give something back, please consider making a small donation or at least clicking on some of the ads under the navigation bar. :)

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