Educated Opinion .vs. Knee-Jerk Reaction

Ever make a comment regarding the performance of applications written for the .NET platform, or about Java’s performance and/or, God forbid, the current system requirements of most large-scale J2EE implementations, only to have some dumbass jump on you about how your comment is just the typical knee-jerk, “C/C++ elitist” reaction to the word “Java” (or “C#”, or whatever), never stopping to think that you might actually have an informed opinion about it based on actual experience?

And funny how they never consider their reaction to be a knee-jerk reaction to your comment?


$0.02 to buy a clue: Remember “HotSpot”? Do you think it was created because Java was already fast enough, or because there was an actual performance problem it was supposed to address? Think about it…

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