This page will detail some aspects of my Professional Life.

Résumé and References

My résumé is available in HTML and Word Document formats.  A partial list of references are also available in HTML and Word Document formats.  My SCGuild entry can be seen here.

Recent Experience

I am currently working for a start-up software company (Applied Geometry, Inc) that specializes in semiconductor wafer defect pattern recognition and reporting.  I work full time for this company out of my home office, and I act as the "hub" of development from this location, traveling to the company headquarters or a customer site ~1.5 times a month. 

Why Should You Hire Me As A Developer Or Team Leader?

Because I am good at what I do.  No, really!  Check out my résumé and references for more details. 

I have the experience to know the difference between "works" and "works well", and to know the difference between "works" and "correct".  I take careful and deliberate steps in my code to prevent things like buffer overruns on buffers that are under my control, and to prevent resource leaks. 

I write heavily commented code that even the most junior of developers is able to read and understand usually by the comments alone (quite a benefit for possible future maintenance of any code that I write).  I have a clear and consistent coding style (in fact, my coding standards document is available for viewing by potential employers, however it does require agreeing to an click-wrap NDA* before it can be viewed, email me for more details).

I have extensive experience with multithreaded applications and how they operate on multi-CPU systems.  I have a Microsoft certification, and have scored high enough on several SkillDrill tests/exams to earn certificates and be on their leaderboards.

Why Should You Hire Me For Out-Sourcing An Entire Project?

I have a small group of "loosely-coupled" developers, project managers, and architects available to help tackle even the most complex designs.  Some of the skills available from them include design and requirements, general software development, technical writing and documentation, software/system architecture, n-tiered client/server systems, database design and development, plus much more.  We also have a rigid software development process in place.

Together, we have more than 50 years of combined software development experience between us!  And we are all located near one another, in the good 'ole USA, not overseas!  (Although we can coordinate and manage an off-shore group of developers, if you so desire.) 

I/We would be more than happy to assist you with any problems or needs that you have for any phase of the software development process.  Bear in mind that some phases or "packages" can be done for a flat fee, instead of on an hourly basis.  In the current market, that kind of flexibility is priceless.

Why Should You Hire Me As A Telecommuter?

First and foremost, I have a proven track record of working successfully as a telecommuter.  I consistently hit my deadlines, and do what it takes to get the job done!

Working out of my office benefits both of us.  You do not need to provide any development related physical space, hardware or software (unless special circumstances exist).  And I do not have to waste time and energy in traffic trying to get to and from a remote location.  As a result, I am able to work longer hours (even when salaried) from home than I am able to from a remote location, I will have more desire to "put in a little extra", and will not suffer the fatigue of a possibly lengthy trip in a vehicle.  Also, if an event occurs that would normally require me to stay at home or get stuck in traffic, I can still continue to be productive.  While working at home, I am available for calls just about anytime between 8:00AM to 6:00PM.

My office is equipped with full-time (broadband) connectivity, and I have many machines available here, ranging from development systems to testing/deployment systems running various operating systems.  My primary development system is a 1.7GHz dual-CPU, dual-headed system with 512MB DDR RAM and 80+ GB of storage.  My secondary development system is a 2.8 with 512MB RAM and 60+ GB of storage.  I also have an assortment of older hardware running Linux that can act as PostgreSQL or MySQL database servers, as well as the ability to host virtual machines.

I have fully licensed copies of VC++5.0/6.0/.Net2002/.Net2003, as well as an up-to-date MSDN Enterprise subscription.  My primary development system hosts my SourceSafe databases and I have a tape backup system that runs at least once a week, and usually 3 times a week, to keep everything safe and sound.  The drive is also mirrored.

All of my machines (my entire house, actually) have connectivity via a hardware firewall and router appliance with VPN and Remote Desktop capability, so I can directly use a remote system as if I was there.

Lastly, given my current situation, I do NOT require benefits like health or dental coverage, which could save you and/or your company even more money in the long run!

Despite some people's obsession with needing "face time" or having "warm bodies in cubicles", I urge you to reap the benefits of having me as a contract or salaried telecommuter.  Embrace technology!

Software Development (Programming) Related Sites

If you are a Software Developer, the following sites may be of interest (and I do or have participated on them): (although I think it is starting to go down the tubes a bit because some of the so-called moderators do not know when to step into or stay out of a conversation, and people that could not code their way out of a wet paper bag calling themselves experts...  But things seem to be getting better...)

*Why an NDA?  Because when applied, the techniques, concepts and ideas contained in my Coding Standards document can raise the reliability and performance of code.  That being the case, it gives me, JRTwine Software, and any of our clients an advantage over other developers and development companies that do not have the discipline and experience to produce good quality code.  Any kind of information that would be beneficial to your competitors should be covered under an NDA.