Dumbass Masshole Driver

   OK – here is a little tip to drivers out there that have not yet figured this out: WHEN BRAKE LIGHTS COME ON, IT GENERALLY MEANS THAT THE VEHICLE IS SLOWING DOWN!

If you are behind said vehicle, it means that YOU will likely have to slow down as well. RIGHT NOW.

Today while driving in in I93 Northbound, a male Masshole in an SUV (which was much too big for him, BTW) rear-ended a pickup truck in front of him. It was light impact; looked something like a 20MPH difference to me.

The Stupid Masshole part is that this accident was completely avoidable. Traffic was coming to a stop, and the woman driving the truck was coming to a stop due to the other vehicles stopping in front of her. Pretty simple idea, huh?

However, the dumbass in the SUV, who could clearly see the brakelights in front of him (both on the truck and the other vehicles in front of that truck), seemed to be completely ignorant of the fact that brakelights generally mean STOP!

This Masshole, true to sterotypical form, continued to close on the truck until it was too late and then *BAM*!

So here is your little tip for the day. Generally, the further you are from an object, the harder it is to detect that you are closing in on it. As such, if you see brakelights on, SLOW THE PHUCK DOWN! Better to come to a stop a couple of car-lengths too soon than to end up in someone’s trunk.

Sometimes getting your options is not so great…

One of the downsides of getting your company acquired by another larger one is that you may find yourself in a new culture and/or process model that conflicts with your way of life.

A new dress code, new time tracking for everything, new and more complicated ways of doing simple things like parking expenses…

It is kind of like death by a thousand tiny annoyances