Finger Injury

While cutting carrots with my favorite knife (serrated and sharp as hell), I cleanly sliced off a small part of my index finger on my left hand! It did not hurt too bad – anyone that has cut themselves with something really sharp (or been cut by something really sharp) can understand. It is a strange feeling, not really painful. The pain… well, that comes after.

The bleeding was not severe, but I could not stem it after applying pressure for several minutes, so I had to revert to a little silver nitrate (looks a little like a matchstick). Now, that effing hurt! Never felt anything like THAT before.

Anyway… I had to keep my finger wrapped up for a few days, and one of the things I got used to rather quickly was typing without it. Now that it is almost healed over, I am trying to start typing with it again, and it takes conscious effort to do so! I type with it for a little while, and then I start keeping it lifted and hitting its usual keys with my middle finger!

Amazing how quickly our bodies and/or minds adapt to things like this…