Non-NYC Taxicabs…

Well, I had to get thee minivan repaired (the AC died), and I had to call a cab to bring me back to the home office so I could get stuff done.

What I miss about living in The City (NYC, as opposed to A City, like Boston), is the ability to hail a cab on the street. I also miss being able to estimate rates by reading the side of the cab.

Anyway, I call Q**** City Taxi and the dispatcher tells me that the trip will be $15, and the cab will pick me up in 15 minutes. Cab arrives on time, I get to the office in short order, and pay $15 plus tip. All Good!

Now, getting back to the repair shop was another story. I called for a cab for the return trip and was told that it would pick me up in 30 minutes, because things were busy. Well, about an hour and fifteen minutes later, the cab arrives.

I tell the driver where I am going, and he proceeds to head in the opposite direction of where I need to go! After getting him turned around, I experience an interesting drive where it seems the driver’s goal is to go as fast as possible, get to that speed in the shortest amount of time, and then bring the vehicle to a complete stop in the shortest amount of distance/time.

After arriving at my destination, the driver tries to charge me more than the rate I paid earlier! After a brief discussion and a call to the dispatcher, he gets upset and just tells me to “have a nice day” and takes the original rate. Which is a damn good thing, too. Because if it had escalated into a physical fight, I can tell you, without a doubt, that I am 100% certain that…

He could have beat the SHIT outta me!


-And with dispatch.

The guy was about my size but I just knew that he knew how to handle himself. He just had that vibe about him.

And it would have sucked to have to pick my kids up from daycare bleeding and swollen! Know what I mean…?