WG6100 w/Tempest Showing a Tangled Mess in the Bottom Right Quadrant

So this is basically the second part of a previous post about a tempest that lost deflection.

After running for a while that Tempest’s display changed into something that can only be described as a tangled mess:

Tempest Tangle Edition
Tempest Tangle

That is something that I never had seen before.  The owner turned the game off and back on again later that day and it was working normally.  Then it would get screwed up again.


Working over the phone with the owner, we eventually determined that when this happens, the +V Out LED (on the LV-2K board on the monitor) was not lit, only the -V Out LED was.  Had him check the other voltages going into and out of the LV-2K and they were correct, but in the process he discovered that bumping into the connector right behind the LV2K (P100) would fix the problem or cause it.  Not yet sure if the problem is with the pins (e.g. broken solder joint) or if it is with the fingers in the connector.  But he can handle it from here.

So if you have this little problem appear on your game, check that connector (jack and plug) and see if giving it a little love tap solves the problem.